The Girl Who Was Turned into a Rock, Wrote a Play about a Rock Who Played Saxaphone, and Became a Rock n Roll Singer

This is a story about rocks, rocking, and rock’n’roll. It’s a story about a little girl and a bad teacher.

Yes, there are bad teachers, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t support the teachers in Wisconsin, and Austin, and around the country who are being scapegoated and sacrificed.

Teachers are often dedicated and reap magic from hard soil.

But this little girl drew a bad deck. Her first grade teacher was a bad teacher. She was mean. She was status conscious and decided that this little girl came from the wrong side of the track.

Do you remember first grade?

The excitement of following your big brothers and sisters out the door to go to school! This little girl, whose tribe were all big time readers could already read when she started school. There wasn’t a library in her little town, so to see the books lining the the shelves in her first grade class was a thrill. She couldn’t wait to read them all.
She couldn’t wait to make friends.
She looked at the teacher like she was god. Well, not god, but certainly a big angel.

Over time the little girl became confused. The teacher didn’t like her. What did she do wrong?
She wasn’t noisy. She didn’t run around. She could read already.
She didn’t know that the other kids couldn’t read until they started on a book with big print and little words like oh and see. But she was patient. She figured they’d learn soon, and anyway, she could just read one of those books on the shelves.

What does this have to do with rocks? You’re right. I strayed off the path.

One day, the bad teacher told the class that they were going to put on a show!
The little girl was thrilled beyond belief!
A show! She loved shows! And she just knew that she could do something really good in that show.
She could probably sing and dance!
She could recite a poem from her book. She could even recite a poem she wrote!

On the edge of her seat with excitement, she waited to be picked for a part.

The teacher chose the princess and prince and asked them to come to the front of the room.
Everyone smiled at them. They were the popular ones whose family owned the bank and the grocery.

The teacher chose the lords and ladies and they came to the front of the room.

The teacher chose the prancing stallions….the little girl knew she could be a really good prancing stallion!

But no, the teacher told some other kids to come to the front of the room.

The teacher kept choosing….butterflies and birds and all kinds of wonderful things to be that the little girl adored.

Finally everyone was standing at the front of the room but her. They were all looking at her. They thought something was wrong with her because the teacher didn’t choose her.

The teacher looked at her too.
She said, “you? you can be a rock”.

The little girl thought and thought to herself, ‘what does a rock do’?

Eager to participate she started to join the rest of her class at the front of the room,
but her teacher stopped her.
She said, “sit down everyone.”
Sit down everyone.
The other kids laughed at her.
They ran to their seats before she could get to the front of the room too.

The rock.
In the show was told to
Just sit still,
huddle her head in her arms.
The rock
couldn’t see the rest of the show.
The rock
heard the music and the dancing and prancing…..

to be continued…..

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