The Eclipse & the Tow Truck

The Solstice full moon beckons seductively
above rush hour traffic.
I hear her chanting over the sirens…..
Tonight. Tonight. Tonight.
Don’t miss this. Don’t even miss this.

Solstice Full Moon Lunar eclipse.
I’m feeling it already….
been feeling it coming.

Knowing that important things are happening,
are going to keep happening.

Don’t miss this. Don’t space out.
Pay Attention.

Last time this happened Galileo was gazing skyward
in wonder.

Twilight driving home
from immersion journey–therapy that led me from
calcified pain
to wild laughter…..
from wild laughter
to buried appreciation
from buried appreciation
to unshakeable calm
into back bone, a new courage…….

into funny bone, a reclaimed right….

Coolly maneuvering around
idling cars like whales
beached by endless red lights and mocking gridlock.

Silvery, slivery, I am the swiftest slipperiest fish.
Eager to reach home
finish chores
to prepare myself
to witness
longed for rendezvous
with her Fiery Lover.
To witness the sacred shadow of their union.

Fire! Fire?

From under the hood smoke heaving
noxious odor
Pull over!
Cut the engine.

Who’s the beached whale now?

The Mundane demands attention.

Car’s blocking a driveway, petition for patience.
Cell phone dead, borrow a phone.
Searching for the number, call road service.

And settle down.
To wait.
The recording says it might be an hour.

Madam forgotten, how quickly I capitulate.

Sink into backbone calm.

Tonight. Tonight. Tonight.

Eyes drawn aloft
I see her once more.
Vision clears.

Blustering boisterous booming
Powerful, emphatic lights blinking
like a bug eyed cartoon praying mantis

the tow truck pulls up beside me.

I don’t know at first that he is the messenger.
I carry my wrongful stereotypes, ready for neanderthal grunting.

I don’t yet know that he is the message.

His cheerful voice greets me.
Bouncing out of the cab,
like a gleeful kid loving his big ole truck.
Emerging from the darkness into the moonlight.
Without words, with no plea for pity
He reveals
His story.
One leg almost dancing, the other missing,
Pant leg pinned above the knee.

He darts.

Strong arm wields a crutch.

The clever competent hands.

He opens the hood, peers in and declares with relief and assurance

nothing to be worried about
nothing to worry about

It’s just a busted hose.

He makes me feel brilliant….

It was smart of you to stop right away.
A lot of people burn up their engines.

Nothing to worry about.

Watching him under the cover of twilight
Fascinated by his ingenious dexterous joy in the work
Realizing that he loves rescuing me.
Understanding that he does not accept limitations

I know suddenly that he is the important thing

That he is the gift.

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