Meet Iumi

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” — Einstein

Hi. I’m Iumi Richard-Crow, fun specialist and lightening strike survivor. That’s I-you-me, and that’s how I like to think of people, connected into a circular pattern of giving and receiving and growing together.

One thing I have learned is that life is too big for just one career!!!

Although actually, the truer statement would be: realizing a full life is your career!

I created Dancing Path because I am passionate about personal development, high potential fulfillment, and the power of creativity and imagination to overcome all obstacles.

I have been gifted by so many wonderful teachers and friends that I want to give back.

In my life I have been lucky in love and art. I’ve danced and performed, created and written in many countries, and with many fantastic people.

These experiences plus my MA in Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies, Expressive Arts Counseling and Creativity Coaching gives me the tools to inspire, encourage and assist you to envision and achieve your own model of success, whether you are in business for yourself, navigating a corporate environment, or simply desiring to write, paint, dance, cook and play your life to the fullest.

Fool’s Dance

I believe that you should always follow your dreams, so over the years among other adventures, I’ve taught graduate level classes at John F. Kennedy University in California, founded and directed a highly acclaimed theater company in San Francisco, danced professionally in the Caribbean islands, consulted with Japanese Universities on the formation of creativity curriculum, clowned professionally as my beloved “frufru, and taught body language for the University of California International Cross Cultural Camps. I’m a Texas Commission on the Arts artist, and recently won best of show for my sculpture, Fools Dance at a local gallery. Although it might seem contradictory, I’ve also been a successful real estate investor!