Social Marketing

“I make your marketing as good as your business.”–Iumi Richard-Crow

You spend huge amounts of your time, energy and thought on making your business the best it can be. You pour your heart into it. You work late into the night. And you succeed! Your business is stellar. You know it. But does anyone else?

Unfortunately oftentimes we short change ourselves on marketing, and we don’t reap the good results from all of our hard work.
We think we can do our own marketing, or that our teen age nephew can put up a pretty good website for us.

Yet, we wouldn’t want our customers and clients to think that they can do for themselves what we can do for them.

So why do we think that we don’t need help from marketing experts?

It’s a paradox. Maybe we think we can’t afford it.

But can we afford not to?

To paraphrase, don’t hide your light under a bushel basket. Climb to the rooftops and declare it to the heavens.

Let me help you.

I offer my training and experience in expressive arts counseling, creativity/innovation coaching, and business building to:

1) identify what makes you unique and outstanding in your field
2) create an custom Internet Tapestry (various social media sites interconnected so that your niche can find you in numerous places on the web)
3) interface this Tapestry with local offline marketing
4) launch products, businesses and books with anticipation and event marketing
5) coach you on best business strategies
6) support and cheer you on along the way
7) celebrate your successes

Let’s talk! I offer free consultations.

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